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Does your DISTRICT, AGENCY or CHURCH have contact with vulnerable communities?
If you said "YES," that means YOU are on the FRONTLINES to fighting human trafficking!

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Specialized Training - Strategic Connections - Sharing Strengths

The Freedom Equation offers targeted, strategic training, education, and networking opportunities for proven leaders in law enforcement, education and medical professionals, social services, and faith-based organizations who are specifically working to eradicate human trafficking.

Get empowered with specialized coaching, tailored resources, and partnership possibilities that can assist your agency or church in providing freedom and hope for trafficking victims, while prosecuting criminal traffickers - effectively shutting down illicit trafficking markets within your communities.


Meet Sandy Storm

Sandy Storm uses her insider information to effectively share details of her life as a trafficking victim from ages 6-26, Sandy has built a reputation as a trusted advisor and trainer for law enforcement, medical and education professionals, social services, and faith-based organizations. With the remarkable abilities to inform investigations, collaborate with service providers, and build a bridge of hope with victims of trafficking, Sandy is a powerful force to destroy the darkness of trafficking.

Sandy has served on coalitions, task forces and multidisciplinary teams addressing human trafficking since 2009. Her capacity to share hope and inspire positive change as she educates and empowers her students and trainees has established Sandy as a sought-out trainer and speaker in both the secular and faith-based communities.

Sandy has experienced a powerful transformation, going from victim to survivor, and now she is truly thriving-- living what can only be described as a brand new life.

As a coach, trainer, speaker, and author, Sandy has had the incredible blessing of working with thousands of amazing people over the years, and she has built a track record of success strategically advising leaders with backgrounds from:

• US Military Specials Operations
• Entreprenuers

• Teachers & Educators

• Intelligence Professionals

• Law Enforcement

• Medical Professionals

• First Responders

• Mental Healthcare

• Social Service Providers

• Nonprofits
• Churches & Ministries

...and more



5-Star Reviews

Read what people say after they read Sandy Storm's books and attend her presentations and training courses:

  • Sandy's story was extremely eye-opening. Very inspirational. Hearing the story of what Sandy went through as a personal experience was exceptional.

  • Sandy Storm's story made a huge impact on me. The story of the timeline of a juvenile to adult in the world of human trafficking.

  • (The training was) fabulous. I just want more of it. This will lead me into further learning.

  • "This was an amazing course and put together in such a polished and exceptional manner. Enjoyed it very much." —Law Enforcement Officer, USA

  • “The lecture far exceeded my expectations. As tragic as her story is, Sandy manages to present an optimistic message of hope that celebrates people as human beings and gives voice to those exploited as commodities. ”

    —Cheryl Boley, Director, Job and Family Services & County Transit

  • “Sandy Storm is a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit.”

    — Adah Hutchcraft, M. Div, BA, Spiritual Care Specialist/Chaplain Services Ascension Via Christi Health